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Sep. 5th, 2006 05:01 pm
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Title / Prompt: 8/06 - Picture Prompt - Dusseldorf
Character: Tom Riddle, the boy who becomes Voldemort
Warnings: none
Pairings: Tom/AU!Blaise
Your character's fandom: Harry Potter
Word count: 374 per PocketWord
Rating: PG for mention of lewd archtecture
Disclaimer: I don't own Tom Riddle -- if I did, he'd have decent motivations.
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He knew they couldn't stay away from England and the Death Eaters forever -- gods alone knew what havoc they were wreaking while the two of them weren't there to scare them into nominally good behaviour. But for now, he agreed fully with Blaise. They needed to get away. He needed to get away. He needed some time where it was just the two of them, with no responsibilities, no politics, no masks.

They travelled to both Muggle and wizarding places, saw ancient buildings and modern structures; they saw the art nouveau houses in Vienna, where the buildings themselves were works of art; they saw the red light district in Amsterdam, where Tom found himself blushing like a virgin at the open displays of sexuality. Blaise took delight in showing him a fountain that was shaped like a penis, gushing water from its slit like an enormous pornographic cumshot. That evening, they went back to their inn and nearly wrecked the bed with their enthusiasm.

They continued on, travelling to different places in Europe -- a different kind of world travelling than they had done before, when Tom had been driven to learn every kind of magic he could find. They spent evenings drinking and dancing in country pubs, and every now and then Tom talked Blaise into a fine restaurant, wanting to splurge and buy his lover the finest foods. And one evening they walked down the Konigstrasse in Dusseldorf to see the most beautiful sight.

It was dark, a little overcast, and lights were on everywhere. The trees that grew on either side of the canal reached towards each other across it, forming an arch over the water that the lights turned into gold. It was beautiful, and they stopped on the bridge they were crossing to get a better look. Tom looked at Blaise and took his hands, then whispered, "I love you, Blaise Zabini," and kissed him thoroughly.

Blaise wrapped strong arms around him and answered, "I love you, my heart. No matter what happens I will catch you if you fall." Death Eaters and politics and wars be damned, for the moment they had each other and this gleaming archway of trees, golden and reflecting in the dark water.


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